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PositionWatch is the ONLY product on the street that is able to compress multi-market trades to a single market and submitted to the backoffice. Unfortunately, that is not the only step as the single market compression triggers CDS trade breaks that, if not handled properly, can cause massive internal reconciliation issues. PositionWatch will sweep the encrypted portion of the TBF feeds of all of the Canadian Exchanges and store the trades of the member firm within PositionWatch. At the end of the day, PositionWatch will compress the buy and sell trades for each inventory to a single ticket ignoring the multiple markets conditions. Coded trailers for principal, multi-market details upon request, etc are automatically assigned when generating the EOD trade file entries.

The backoffice (ISM, ADP, Dataphile) will settle with CDS each evening based on the trades supplied in the PositionWatch EOD file. The Canadian marketplaces will also send settlement instructions to CDS and the backoffice, and in normal cases the trades in the EOD file will correspond with each of the marketplace's settlement instructions. However, due to single market compression, they will not settle correctly and trigger breaks on each transaction from the EOD file and from the exchanges by CDS. The exchanges will each submit a summary of the fills by symbol in such a way that CDS would expect the backoffice to match the exchanges.

PositionWatch will perform a reconciliation process that will identify any trades that are in PositionWatch that are not within CDS or any trades that are in CDS but not within PositionWatch. Normally all trades should match, and those that don’t are reported as being breaks that require resolution by trade support.

To enable a controlled implementation of single market compression, PositionWatch has a compress flag that be enabled/disabled at a trader level that permits one trader at a time to be activated on trade compression thus enabling a manageable implementation. The PositionWatch CDS trade break reconciliation module will only audit and report on those trades that are enabled for single market compression. All of these functions are automatic and do not require any human intervention.

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PositionWatch is complete middle office solution providing firms with Position Management,Ticketing,Risk Management ,Compliance and Management Reporting.PositionWatch reduces the ticketing costs and increases the resource efficiencies with seamless integration to all of the backoffices

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