Margin Requirements

PositionWatch calculates real-time margin requirements for each inventory based on the current holdings that have been accumulated during the trading including the opening positions. Margin rates are dynamically formulated as per the IDA margin rate rules. Compliance officers have the ability to override the margin limits on any instrument as of which time the new rate will be reflected on all inventories that hold the symbol.

PositionWatch automatically loads the quarterly LSERM file provided by IIROC that contains override margin rates on option eligible equity instruments.

Margin limits value can be defined at the trader or the inventory levels. When defined at trader level, the combined margin of all of traders cannot exceed the trader's prescribed margin limit. When a trader reaches 90% of their margin limit, an alert is issued and the trader shows orange in the position views. At 100%, an alert is issued and the trader is flagged red.

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PositionWatch is complete middle office solution providing firms with Position Management,Ticketing,Risk Management ,Compliance and Management Reporting.PositionWatch reduces the ticketing costs and increases the resource efficiencies with seamless integration to all of the backoffices

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