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Due to the structural differences with the US market place, PositionWatch has extensive functionality to communicate with numerous executions platforms in order to pickup real-time executions. In order to integrate with US executions platform, FIX drop copies are established to access the executions directly and store them in PositionWatch. FX rates are supported on those platforms that are fulfilling function for the sell-side firms. Trades are automatically placed into corresponding trader's US inventories where they can be ticketed. PositionWatch supports most major US executions platforms (IRESS, InstiNet, Lek, RediBook, Credit Suisse, Knight, Bloomberg, Nexxa, RealTick, UBS) and new platforms can be added in a timely manner.

Traders can apply FX rates on US executions which triggers PositionWatch to flip the trade from the US inventory to the Canadian inventory. The P/L information will automatically reflect the exchange rate and commence using the CDN market spot price to give a true profit/loss. US trades (with or without) FX are ticketed to the backoffice in a single compressed ticket.

For those clients with sporadic US executions, they can manually enter the US trade fill in the manual trades screen instead of the trade been collected electronic via FIX.

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PositionWatch is complete middle office solution providing firms with Position Management,Ticketing,Risk Management ,Compliance and Management Reporting.PositionWatch reduces the ticketing costs and increases the resource efficiencies with seamless integration to all of the backoffices

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