Positions - Module Summary

● Positions can be consolidated by CUSIP with current FX spot rate applied to US positions
● Real-time Profit and Loss – Daily, Daily Realized, Daily Unrealized, MTD Realized, MTD Unrealized
● Consolidated symbol positions for multiple exchanges and ATS markets
● Ability to drill down on multiple markets
● Toggle position view reducing balances by what has been ticketed out for current day
● Ability to toggle position view intraday/MTD flattened positions
● Ability to move positions within inventories with automated recalculation of P/L (able to define FX rate - and trade date)
● Ability to view all symbols firm-wide and show associated inventories
● Pro Trader/DMA view shows multi-inventory consolidation and P/L, capital usage
● Daily P/L can be tailored to use previous close bid/ask (depending if long or short) or previous close last price
● Trade fees grid can be billed automatically to Pro/DMA traders and tracked real-time
● Trade fees can be configured by each trader to reduce the real-time realized P/L
● Managers can override opening positions in rare instances
● Managers can force opening positions (also used by syndication on bought deals/IPO’s)
● Daily and Month-To-Date break-even prices calculated real-time on each position

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PositionWatch is complete middle office solution providing firms with Position Management,Ticketing,Risk Management ,Compliance and Management Reporting.PositionWatch reduces the ticketing costs and increases the resource efficiencies with seamless integration to all of the backoffices

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