Restricted/Grey List

Compliance users can define an instrument to provide alerts for the purpose of Restrictions, Grey and Toxic trade detections.

Restricted - instruments that should not be traded unless it an arms length unsolicited trade. one such reason is there a pending syndication deal as the firm may have inside information obtained during due diligence
Grey - compliance wants to watch the stock for any trading activity (watch list)
Toxic - very similar as grey but can be used for watch volatile stocks like triple ETF stocks or highly volatile stocks where the firm has a high concentration

The restricted list is able to be seen by all users of PositionWatch, while the Grey and Toxic trades are only seen by the compliance users only. At least one restriction type must be selected for each symbol in the list (Grey, Toxic, or restricted). The "Trade Markers" field indicated what type of trading is Restricted, Grey and/or Toxic.

Client - any trades marketed CL (non OMS)
Non-Client - any house employee trade - typically marked NC
Inventory - house trade - IN or ST
Retail - retail trades place via OMS system

Each morning the restricted list is copied from the prior day so that PositionWatch knows what the restricted list was on every day for historical reporting. Only edits have to be performed each day. To delete a symbol from the list a user can set the End Date to the current date, or delete the instrument by pressing the blue box to the left-most of each line and pressing the Delete key to remove.

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